Understand the mobility ground truth in Lima

Gain insight into the city's public transport network, and how people use different public transport modes to travel around the Peruvian capital.

In Lima, two in every three people use public transport to get where they need to go. Every day, commuters make decisions on the go, often sacrificing money, convenience, or time due to the lack of reliable information.

With no central source of data, and most providers offering outdated information that covers just 5% of the public transport network, making data-driven decisions in Lima becomes a daunting challenge, even for locals.

In this white paper, we share key insights to help you gain a better understanding of public transport and mobility in Lima, Peru.


Download this white paper to learn

  • How people move in Lima, and what challenges they might face in their journey
  • The different government-run and privately owned modes available, and their characteristics
  • How your organisation can better understand the opportunities available in Lima with accurate and reliable data