Navigating Growth: Perspectives on the future of mobility, technology, and emerging markets

What will the next decade look like for organisations looking to harness growth opportunities in emerging markets?

In the last 10 years, the mobility landscape has evolved faster than ever. With the rise of smartphone ownership, powered by new depths of data that would have seemed unattainable before, technology is transforming movement and place for citizens and organisations alike. But what does the next decade of growth look like? And how can organisations maximise impact and harness opportunities in new high-growth regions?

Emerging markets are expected to experience greater income growth and greater economic growth than developed markets between now and 2030, which opens the door to innovation opportunities. And technology will continue to play a vital role in driving change, especially in these regions.

In this in-depth report, 13 contributors explore:

  • How organisations can unlock growth opportunities at a global scale, and the role data plays in maximising impact in high-growth regions.
  • Data availability in emerging markets, and how data production will evolve to deliver real-time data in markets where information hasn't previously been available.
  • What it takes to implement successful solutions in emerging markets, and the value in taking localised approaches.

Download it now to access over 40 pages of forward-looking insights, including articles and interviews with leaders in the space.

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