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WhereIsMyTransport is the world’s leading provider of public transport data for emerging markets. Our total coverage is more than 50 cities.

Download sample data sets from Lima, Peru to interrogate our data:

  • Transit Data sample: 54 of Lima's formal and informal public transport routes—Colectivo, Metropolitano, Mototaxi, and Transporte Público—from February 2023.
  • Real-Time Alerts sample: Data from 25 incidents between June and September 2022.
  • Origin-Destination Data sample: Data from 400 journeys, results from March 2022.
  • Point of Interest (POI) Data sample: 30 POIs, produced in December 2021.
For a data sample from a different city, a larger data sample, or a more recent data sample, get in touch.

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Visit our interactive data portal to experience our sample data sets from Lima, Peru.